Mission Trips

In 2005 we started our youth mission weeks in Romania where young people from the Ichthus church movement came out to work at our various projects working with some of the poorest families in the region. We quickly recognised the value of these trips not only to the communities we served but to the young people that were serving. It was a two way street!

2010 started our Health and Homes Programme where our Romanian team would assess a family’s needs and see if we could meet any of them through a practical project. From redecorating or totally renovating a room to building paths, fences, ramps or steps. This is now a core part of the trips, running consistently throughout the week.

Each year we support a number of different groups on their trips, from church youth groups to school teachers or mixed adult groups. We have seen that each visit has a profound effect on those individuals.

Typical itinerary for a Mission Trip to Romania: (This is subject to change depending on the arrival day. 

  • Day 1: Flights and transfers to Casa Albert. Transfer times: Bacau Airport is approximately 20 minutes or Bucharest airport is around 4 hours away. Evening meal at Casa Albert.
  • Day 2: Orientation morning followed by a visit to Poiana Negustorului for Kids Church. We will spend around an hour together learning parts etc. before going.
    In the afternoon we will all visit Casa Lumina together to sing songs and do activities.
  • Day 3: Morning visit to an adult institution for people with special needs, participating in activities with the patients and handing out food. In the afternoon we will discuss splitting into two working parties for the following day and from then on alternate their activities each day.
  • Day 4: Half of the group will run activities at Casa Lumina / The other half will begin the practical project.
  • Day 5: The two teams will swap and repeat the plan of day 4/ Evening planning session for the day center activities.
  • Day 6: Half will run Day care activities at Hospice Lumina while the other half continue with the on going practical project.
  • Day 7: . The two teams will swap and repeat the plan of Day 6 / In the evening we will pack and eat a final meal together.
  • Day 8: Travel back to the UK.

The cost of a trip is between £700 and £800 per person, depending on the cost of flights and the time of year. The price includes flights, accommodation, food and travel within Romania. A proportion of the money will also go towards materials for the practical project and a small amount goes back into the charity.

Group sizes can be from 7 to 16. For smaller groups we will look for opportunities to link up with another small group and for groups with more than 16 members we will work with you to accommodate it over a 2 week period. Group members must be aged 14 or over, preferably in Year 10.

To book your trip or for more information, contact Beth now.

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