Hospice Casa Albert

Hospice Casa Albert is our hospice in Romania and a centre of excellence for palliative care services based in the Bacau region of North East Romania. Our multidisciplinary team has been trained to provide high quality holistic care and symptom management for children and young adults with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses and much needed support for their families – many living in poor and remote rural areas. As well as visiting patients and families in their own homes the Hospice Casa Albert team offers day care two days a week. Our hospice in Romania is also involved in supporting and educating other local health and social care professionals to care for sick and dying children with skill and compassion.


  • We advocate for all children, young people and families facing terminal or life-long chronic conditions ensuring that they receive any state support and benefits that they are entitled to and that they are not forgotten or isolated by society.
  • We provide high quality evidence-based care for all those referred to us regardless of status, creed or religion.
  • We empower a) patients and carers to reach their full potential and experience the best possible quality of life and b) health and social care professionals to improve the support and care they deliver to the chronically sick and dying through our training and education programmes.

What we do:

  •  Actively providing holistic (physical, social, emotional and spiritual) community care to over 100 children and adults. Another 50 patients are on our patient list but only currently require occasional intervention.
  • Supporting the whole family including parents, siblings, grandparents and social carers both practically and emotionally.
  • Offering day care to a selection of patients and siblings according to need
  • Providing education and training in the principles of palliative care for local health and social care professionals
  • Offering awareness-raising health education for local people in schools, community centres and workplaces.
  • Providing continuous professional development to our own team to ensure excellence in practice.

Vision for the future:

  • To expand -We are currently in the process of completing the build of the first pediatric palliative care unit in Romania. This is set to open at the end of May and will have 14 beds for respite and end of life care.
  • To develop education to health and social care professionals and become an accredited education center.

It is possible to volunteer with our hospice in Romania as part of the different volunteering opportunities.


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