Summer volunteering

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In 2005 we started our youth mission weeks in Romania where young people from the Ichthus church movement came out to work at our various projects working with some of the poorest families in the region. We quickly recognised the value of these trips not only to the communities we served but to the young people that were serving. It was a two way street!

Then, in 2010 we started our Health and Homes Programme where our Romanian team would assess a family’s needs and see if we could meet any of them through a practical project. From redecorating or totally renovating a room to building paths, fences, ramps or steps. This is now a core part of the trips, running consistently throughout the week.

Each year we support a number of different groups on their trips, from church youth groups to school teachers or mixed adult groups. We have seen that each visit has a profound effect on those individuals.

The cost of 1 week in Romania is £500, 2 weeks £750, 3 weeks £1000. This cost includes accommodation, all food, travel within Romania and facilitation by our CEO and Charity manager. A proportion of the money will also go towards materials for the practical project and a small amount goes back into the charity.
You are responsible for booking your own flight for summer volunteer places.

You are welcome to sign up as an individual to join a group, or if you have a group you would like to bring that is welcome also.

To book your trip or for more information, contact Beth now.

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