Catch up with Steve

Well it’s been a while since I blogged!

So I thought I would blog today as we are entering our last week of summer short term mission teams and it has been a good and at times challenging summer.

Firstly I want to thank the leaders of the groups that have come out to Romania this summer who have entrusted family, friends and youth groups to us to give them just a taste of what it can be like to be in the practical mission field sharing Jesus through what we do and even sometimes by what we say!

It’s easy at times for words to come and go, they sometimes enter our ears one side and go out through the other ear without us even really hearing them although we say we listen.

This week we have been working at a family house in Comanesti where five adults live in two rooms with no bathroom or real kitchen. One of the members of the family has Down syndrome and a few more complications too. There is no father at home as he died a few years ago and the mum has had to give up work to look after one of her sons.

There is very little income and not much chance of anymore coming in, as the town is pretty depresUntitled design (5)sed and there is not much chance of employment for the other two sons as they grow up!

The house they live in is very old and built pretty much from mud and house poo covered with a lime type render on the outside which was falling away at the bottom near the ground.

So with the team form St Johns Colchester we set about putting this right and whilst at it we decided to put in a path down one side of the house which was very much needed as we found out as it poured down with rain all day whilst we worked there which then created pretty much a mud bath!

On the second to last day we were talking in the garden and the mother of the family came out into the garden and said a very profound thing which really impacted me.

She simply said this….Untitled design (4)“I have dreamed of having this concrete done like this and today my dream came true!”

As she said it I realised that her dreams were very different to mine, so simple but yet would change her life in a very practical way.

God had used us to fulfil her dream…. How awesome is that… No matter how small an act of kindness it just might be the answer to prayer of even a dream fulfilled.