Christmas Begins in Romania


Well here we are again winging our way to Romania Beth, Steve & Phil the dynamic trio!

If you’re anything like me your wondering where the year has gone, it seems like we just finished our summer mission team visits and boom the Christmas Shoebox trip is here! Not without a lot of hard work by our very own Beth Daisy Johnson who works tirelessly to get the boxes in, sorted and out again, ready for the truck to Romania. So flying out just seven days before the volunteers arrive may seem a long time but hey this is Romania remember and any thing can happen and normally does!

Already we have been told that the truck which was supposed to arrive today may not be at our project until Monday ouch! That hurts! Especially as over 1000 Christmas shoeboxes need to be unpacked and sorted into the various patient groups family members, and school groups, it’s a big job! But I know Beth Daisy is up to it she always is… Already she has offered to work through the night if she has to! And being the good CEO that I am offered to help her if needed…

But there is a kitchen to upgrade and a trustee board meeting to go to and the distribution of the family lists for Poiana Negustorului to be given out to each family, Plus the the grocery shopping ready for the volunteers, all that coupled with anything else that may come up whilst we are there! Oh and I nearly forgot the 1000 shoeboxes have to be unloaded when the truck finally comes!

Well that’s  our life for the next week or so and to be honest WE CAN’t WAIT.

I’m signing off for now and will try to update once the volunteers arrive on Thursday ready to deliver the beautiful shoeboxes that you guys have so lovingly provided for the children and young people that we reach out to in Jesus name. Being able to share his love at this time of year is so special, lets not forget who’s birthday it really will be on the 25th December! No matter what you believe, who you follow, if you have given a box this year I pray that the God I love will bless you and your families through your wonderful giving this Christmas!

Ps if you would still like to be able to give this Christmas you can through our Naked Christmas tree appeal.

Thank you guys a happy and peaceful Christmas to you all.